Life Saving Idea

How’s that for an attention-grabbing headline? It sounds outlandish and more like click bait than
actual scientific fact, but recent research has proven that taking a vacation can actually prolong
your life!

We all know the toll that consistent stress takes on our health, our sleep and overall wellbeing,
but studies are now proving that those who take regular vacations are not only reducing stress
associated with poor health, but actually improving their chances of living longer and boosting
their cognitive abilities as well!

Its not much of a secret that American workers are famous for being workaholics, but The
Center for Economic and Policy Research has gone as far as to call the U.S. the “No Vacation
Nation”. In 2016, the World Health Organization found that there were 745,000 deaths from
heart disease and stroke that directly correlated with long work hours.

A nine-year study that followed 12,000 at-risk middle-aged men, found that those who took
yearly vacations were less likely to die from heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.
Taking regular vacations can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood
sugar and even excessive belly fat (what?!). If that isn’t reason enough to plan your next
vacation, maybe this is…

Are you having trouble sleeping? Did you know that folks that went on vacation actually slept
better, not only when they were on their vacation, but also once they returned home? It turns
out that breaking our habits that tend to disrupt sleep (checking emails from bed, working late or
worrying about that work project, etc.) can help us gain an extra HOUR of sleep every night –
even after we return home from our trip!

With less stress, better health and more sleep, its already a win-win, but when you add
improved creativity and capacity to learn, the time to dust off your suitcase is at hand! When
your brain is completely relaxed, that is when it consolidates both knowledge and brainpower.
Brigid Schulte, author of “Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Plan When No One Has the Time”
says that “Neuroscience is so clear, through PET scans and MRIs, that the ‘aha’ moment comes
when you’re in a relaxed state of mind”. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Don’t most of us get that
creative boost or clear path to a problem once we’re outside the office and in nature, on a walk
or on vacation?

In the end, making a vacation a priority is essential to our overall wellbeing, increased
productivity and better performance. It’s time to put the guilt, and excuses aside, and plan that
long awaited vacation!

At the North Forty Resort, we are a year-round resort with private log cabins set among 40
forested acres. With walking trail, hot tubs and sauna and only 20 miles from Glacier National
Park, and endless trove of adventure and beauty, all waiting for you to take that step toward
better health, better sleep, and improved mental health.

We don’t want to overstate our benefits, but we are literally here to help SAVE YOUR LIFE!

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