Beyond Glacier Park

Glacier National Park too crowded?

What else is there to do in the Flathead Valley?

Visiting Glacier National Park is the obvious answer for most folks that are planning their Montana getaway. What’s not to love about the endless outdoor activities that Glacier has to offer? From hiking in the backcountry to white water rafting, sight-seeing tours, shopping and sightseeing, the Park also has a rich history that many love to explore.

But did you know that the Flathead Valley has much more to offer than just Glacier National Park? The town of Whitefish is a popular vacation destination with a great downtown area with a variety of shops and some of the best dining in the Valley. City Beach is a popular choice where you can swim, paddleboard and kayak and Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort isn’t just for skiing! During the summer months, they have scenic lift rides, ziplining tours, the Alpine slide and much more!

The Valley’s hub, Kalispell, has an amazing downtown area to shop and dine-in and the historic Rails to Trails is a popular choice for those who love to walk and bike. Kalispell has amazing local breweries to visit, several Farmers Markets throughout the week with many local venues hosting live music as well.

Whitefish Lake

Now we come to one of the other most popular destinations in the Flathead Valley – Flathead Lake, which Travel and Leisure voted one of the 12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States.

“Flathead is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, with clean, crystalline waters cradled in the Flathead Valley by the Mission Mountains to the east and the Salish Mountains to the west. The lake is blessed with an unusually mild climate for an area so far north and inland, allowing for surrounding fruit orchards and vineyards on its west side. There’s even a Flathead Lake Monster, which, judging by some accounts, may have a close cousin living in Loch Ness. It’s more likely, however, that you’ll spy wild horses roaming the state park.”

There are too many beautiful sights to see and adventures to have to not book your Flathead Valley getaway today! Call us to reserve you a log cabin to round out your true Montana Experience!

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